Monday, 27 September 2010

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake

Mmm words can not describe how delicious this smells! I love this stuff sooo much I only use it every now and then at the fear of using it all up - Sad but true... Anyways, let's move onto the review :)

What's in it and what does it do?
Well I don't recognise from the ingredients list but if you're interested then do click here. Whatever is in the shower gel certainly leaves my skin feeling soft but sometimes you do have doubts over whether it feels a tad greasy in the shower...

How much and for how long?
I asked my Dad to purchase this for me when he was in New York - It costs $16 which is pretty expensive for a shower gel but I was dying to try some Philosophy products! I think in the UK you can get it from QVC but it is very expensive to do so :( I use about a 50p size with each use, which is more than enough as it lathers up SO beautifully and at 480ml per bottle it will last almost forever!

How does it smell?
100% exactly like a warm freshly-baked vanilla cake out of the oven! What I love is that the scent is sooo gorgeously powerful when you apply it but disappears after a few seconds leaving a light scent. Once you are out of the shower however it's long gone so it won't be mixing with your body moisturiser, which is a good thing as it may get quite sickly if it were to linger.

Other comments:
Would I buy it again? Maybe after I tried a few others in the range - Only thing putting me off is the price...
Would I recommend it? If you're not watching the pennies then YES!
Ps. This can be used as a bubble bath and as a shampoo but I have only been using it as a shower gel.

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