Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Models Own Haul 3

So as you all know Models Own had another 50% off sale last week and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and placed an order promptly! Ahh many hard decisions were made while doing so (had to try and justify purchasing chosen colour to myself etc.) and thought I'd quickly run through why I choose them.
Left to right: Pink punch, Peach sherbet, Snow white, Silver spangle.

Pink Punch - I wanted a neon pink colour in my life.
Peach sherbet - Wanted to get it ever since I saw it on MouldyFruit's blog and I wanted a soft peach/acceptable nude colour in my growing collection.
Snow white - Other white polish is letting me down a bit and will be used to mix with other colours. This one is for sensible french manicures!
Silver spangle - Wanted a holographic polish with large glitters for a few nail art looks.

I had been toying with the idea of getting Jade Stone but I just couldn't do it - I loveddd seeing it on others but I just can't see myself wearing it. Nude Beige was another one but I like statement nails most of the time and didn't want my nails blending into my skin *shudders*

Haha, how I love pointless justification :)


Shannon ♥ said...

Stuuning colours.
I've been eyeing up silver spangle for a while now, might get it next time I'm in boots.
Fab haul.

felmake1 said...

The silver one looks really nice!

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