Friday, 23 July 2010

TBS Nutriganics Smoothing Day & Night Cream

Oh wow.. So this review is about 3 months late as I said my Mum would review the face creams for me in April! But better late that never though right?
So here is a little background information on my Mum, as well as the review for The Body Shop's Smoothing Eye cream.

Once again, thankfully, my Mum had no irritations whatsoever with the Nutriganics range even though her skin remains very sensitive.

Mum said she found it difficult to use the face creams twice a day (she thought it was a waste of time - shocker!) so I told her to alternate usage as appropriate. She said both creams didn't feel heavy, were not oily and had a pleasant feel to them. The creams felt moisturising and she told me that she could feel that it made her skin look and feel glowy, soft, dewy and fresher - By this you know I was sitting down asking her what she thought of the products while taking notes in my little notebook haha!

As for changes in the texture of her skin, Mum could not comment on whether it prevented anti-aging as she barely has any wrinkles but feels that it is a very good moisturiser. When I had informed her that the Day cream was £12 and the night cream was £13 (both 50ml), she said she would probably only buy one of them next time and thought it was on borderline pricey.

When asked if she would recommend it, Mum gave it a thumbs up!
Well there we go then - Shortiee's Mum has once again given the approval for TBS's Nutriganics Smoothing range! :)

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