Thursday, 1 July 2010

Holiday Gifts

My Mum picked up 2 MAC lipsticks from Duty Free for me. Both, as you can see, are super bold and bright which I have lately found the confidence to rock :D

Left: Ruby Woo, Right: Girl About Town

I had chose Ruby Woo using swatches online and I am pleased to say that I feel that it is the perfect red lippy for me! :D I already have Girl About Town but Mum loves it sooo much that it's nearly finished so a back up was in order haha!

I also received a few earrings and a watch ring from a market that my Mum and aunt came across, so they got me a few things! Tbh I don't think I will be wearing the watch ring too often but it's a little cute nonetheless!

That's it for now but I've been busy hauling a few pricey things for me, myself and I so keep an eye out for that next :)


Amina said...

maybe u could do fotd using both these lippies, id luv to c them on u :)

Shortiee31 said...

@Amina - Have taken note of that now! Will do :) x

J said...

I still need to get girl about town!! Yay for rocking it :p xx

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