Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My So-Called MAC Palette

So I finally filled my MAC palette...
With some MAC... Inglot and The Body Shop eyeshadows :| I much prefer keeping all my eyeshadows in one place than having little pots everywhere, so this was the better option for me :)
MAC eyeshadows are within the red box, Inglot is within the yellow box and the TBS eyeshadows are within the blue box!

Row 1: Deep Truth, Rule, AMC 51, DS 504, 43 Velvet Green
Row 2: Humid, Post Haste, Pearl 450, DS 465, 04 Granite
Row 3: Pandemonium, Fig 1, AMC Shine 39, 02 Golden Khaki, 05 Burnished Brown


Mina Luv's said...

lovin the colours in ur pallet!

Adrienne said...

I too am luvin'all the colors u have in ur palette!!

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