Saturday, 5 June 2010

Goodies From Canada!

My favourite aunty from Canada brought me these lovely goodies, which I think is so sweet of her as she knows I love my make up! :)
She got me...

- CK creme lipstick in 135, Show Stopping - A slight frosty plum/deep red colour. It's pretty moisturising but I don't think it's that flattering on me if I am honest!
- MAC lipglass in A Different Groove from the Liberty of London collection - An opaque deep bronzed/berry colour with plenty of gold shimmers. I doubt I will be wearing this often as it's a very gothic/vampy colour but I will try and make it work by using a light coloured lipstick and applying this very lightly on top!
- MAC Rule eyeshadow - Saving the best till last! A beautiful peach/orange colour which I really wanted in my lil' collection! Can't wait to try this out and I hope it suits me well!

Blog soon!... :)

1 comment:

Inner Belle said...

ur aunts so sweet, i loveeee mac rule! perfect gradient colour for a nice blend!

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