Saturday, 22 May 2010

Inglot & Other Bits!

This Thursday I went to Westfield with the lovely moonbeamstarlight! I had such a lovely day and I had some 'fro-yo' aka Frozen Yoghurt at Snog, a deliciosly soft vanilla and sugar pretzel at Mr.Pretzels and a yummy 'Classic' crepe at CrepeAffaire! Will definitely be getting them again next time I go ;)

While I was there I went to Inglot, Topshop, LUSH and Superdrug - All for the makeup! I didn't really feel in the mood for clothes shopping but we also went to the Apple store where Ling and I recorded a little vlog! I was a bit nervous and didn't say much haha, you can see the vid on Ling's YT here. There's so much more to say but I don't want to bore you all so I will stop now!

Here's a picture of my haul... I seem to have a thing for makeup in black boxes :p

I had such a hard time picking out the eyeshadows for the Inglot palette! I wanted 4 of the colours but it was cheaper to get 5 so was debating over which colour to get next haha :) I wanted to buy a peach coloured blush and Inglot did a lovely 'matt' one with the slightest bit of shimmer (I don't like too much shimmer in my blushes). I went looking for a plum one but they don't have anything like that, which I was surprised by, so I turned to Topshop's cream blush in Crushed Berry! Here it is all opened up.

I wasn't planning on getting anything from Topshop but once HollyYM said the cream-to-powder blushes are suitable for combo/oily skin.. I was there! :) After reading a few blog posts from Sleek event, the only thing I was pretty much interested in was their Kajal - So I got that too! We also went to LUSH and I bought another Tea Tree Toner and received a Cupcake face mask - Both of which I forgot to take a picture of :|

Overall I am pretty pleased with most of the stuff I got. Look out for some FOTD's as I will definitely be experimenting with my new goodies :) Hope you all have a have a lovely sunny weekend!
Ps. Mini giveaway ends next Saturday, don't forget to enter!

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Whitney said...

wonderful haul!! seems like you had a great time :)

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