Saturday, 24 April 2010

Organic Bloom Complete Care Shampoo

A while ago I received a few sample products to try out, given to me by a friend who went to the Natural & Organic exhibition a while ago (they get goody bags at the end)! One of the products that was given to me was the Organic Bloom's Complete Care Shampoo.

Price & Size
Looking around on the Internet, it retails for £4.75 for 200ml! I wasn't expecting for the product to be priced so reasonably, as it is an organic product, which tends to cost much more than shampoos that you usually find in Boots/Superdrug.

You can find a list of ingredients of what is in the shampoo here. 73% of it is all organic! I find that with this shampoo my second day hair is not as greasy as it usually is, which is always a pleasant surprise! Like the Fushi shampoo & conditioners I reviewed a while ago, I think this is because it has natural oils present within the shampoo already.

It has a beautiful sweet but fresh citrus scent to it! Perfect seeing as spring is here and it makes me feel a bit more refreshed than usual :)

Most definitely - Especially for the summer months :)
I have another organic shampoo to try out and I look forward to comparing the two!

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