Saturday, 10 April 2010

Chocolate Beauty Treats!

I don't know about you but I still have a few Easter choccies to get through but I still I can't stop thinking about the sweet stuff! Today I'll go through some chocolate scented products I have tried and would love to try :) None of the products I have tried have an artificial smell to them which is why they are mentioned here!
The tried and tested:

LUSH Whip Stick lip balm - Smells like Terry's chocolate orange and moisturises beautifully! The scent lasts quite long, which I personally love as it smells like the real thing! It also gives lips a very light glossy sheen. This would have gone into my 'Favourite lip care products' but sadly it expired sometime last year but I just keep the little tub because it still smells gorgeous ;)

LUSH Sweet Lips scrub - Smells like mint chocolate! This is an exfoliate for the lips which I can't say I have used that much.. Nevertheless, it smells amazing! I would recommend it if you are looking for a good lip exfoliant and you do actually use them (shame the same can not be said for me...)

Philosophy Melting Marshmallow cream - Smells like an extremely chocolatey chocolate cake, not the marshmallow it suggests! It actually smells just like my Mother's chocolate cake (pointless info. haha)... It's not very moisturising but the scent lingers and scents the room beautifully! I wouldn't wear this in the Spring/Summer as I would be scared that bees/wasps would attack me :)

Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip butter - Also has quite a chocolatey scent to it and is very moisturising. Tried this a few years ago bear in mind! Their body butters and lotions has a light chocolate scent to it too.

Sweet but not chocolate scented goodies:

MAC lip products - Excluding their lip liners I think, the rest of them have a gorgeous vanilla sweet scent to them!

Philosophy Melting Marshmallow lip shine - This definitely smells like melting marshmallows and provides a clear glossy shine to the lips. Quite moisturising too!

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel - Oh. My. Gosh. Words can not describe how beautiful this scent is! It has such a strong vanilla scent to it in the shower but the scent ever so lightly lingers on your skin afterwards - Perfection in a bottle! :D Anyone who has a sweet tooth HAS to try this one out!

I would love to try:
Philosophy Peppermint Hot Cocoa shower gel - I bought this along with the Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel and can not wait to try this out! If it's anything like VBC then it will smell like a beautiful mint chocolate something :p I think this was a LE product for Christmas and temporarily replaced their Double Rich Hot Cocoa shower gel, which sounds just as good!

EO Chocolate & Mint shower gel - After reading bubblegarm's review here, on their shower gel which apparently smells like After Eight chocolates, I couldn't help adding it onto my wish list! I think I will give it a go once I finished using up my Philosophy shower gels. It all seems highly promising :)

Sexy Hair's Chocolate Soymilk shampoo - Heard from someone this apparently smells like chocolate milkshake?!... One for the wish list!

*LUSH Cupcake face mask - Now I won't be buying this because it's not suitable for my skin type however for those who can, I would highly recommend you check this out! It has a gorgeous chocolatey scent.. A perfect pampering product :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this sweet post!

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