Sunday, 21 March 2010

Models Own Sterling Silver

I honestly can not believe it's been two weeks since I last made a blog post.. I'm sorry! It's been very hectic these past two weeks and I think I will need to endure another few more weeks of this but hopefully I will still be able to squeeze a blog post or two, here and there :)
So, the Sterling Silver is the 3rd nail polish I had tried out of the 5 I purchased from Models Own. It dries very quickly and 'smoothes' over the nail very well to give an quick and easy even coverage.

The actual consistency is smooth too but there appears to be some slightly chunky silver particles which do not disintegrate, which may put you off - A good top coat solves this problem. I much prefer this silver shade by Models Own in comparison to Barry M's Silver. What you see is what you get with Sterling Silver... Blinged nails :D I love it!

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