Sunday, 28 March 2010

Free Neal's Yard Moisturiser!

Fear not people, my Mother kindly saw this at the newsagents and thought I would be interested.. And I was! No P5P rule breaker here.. Yet! :)

As you may have seen on some beauty blogs, Marie Claire are giving away a 50ml sized Power Berry moisturiser with their April 2010 issue! I tried to avoid reading about it as I couldn't purchase it (P5P and all that) and therefore I was a very happy person when Mum presented me with this! Initial impressions.. Light, suitable for my skin type (combination oily) and smells like the yellow Wrigley's gum..
I actually wanted to buy a Neal's Yard moisturiser (the Palmarosa Purifying one) after hearing about it from a friend, so the discount couldn't come at a better time too! :D
Did you go out and get a mag or two, too?

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