Sunday, 14 February 2010

TBS Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

Now, as I don't think I am of an age where using an eye cream is suitable for me, I asked my mother to review this for me.
My Mum is in her early 40's and has only used Vaseline to moisturise and, get ready for it, body soap to cleanse her face all her life. Before The Body Shop sent me the Nutriganics goodies, Mum had slowly become conscious of her skin and asked me to guide her - Result!

When the PR company sent me the Nutriganics range they had said that it may be unsuitable for sensitive skin.. Mum has very sensitive skin, so I got her to do a skin test before she directly applied it over the eye area - No irritation whatsoever! :D

Mum has been using The Body Shop's Nutriganics Smoothing eye cream for over 3 months now and she & I have both noticed her under eye area is much smoother and brighter than it was before - Thumbs up from Mum! She said she would purchase it again and she does recommend it! :)

The eye cream is £10.00 for 15ml from The Body Shop, of course!

PS. Mum has just finished using another face cream I bought for her, Green People Reviving Day & Night Cream, so I have just introduced her to The Body Shop's Nutriganics Day and Night Cream, which I will get her to review in about 2 months time :)


Lu said...

Sounds good! I go through quite a lot of eye cream, another 1 to stick on the list hehe. xXx

Maho said...

Its best to choose oil free eye creams and gels because it usually absorb quickly, and may work well on oily skin. Of course getting plenty of sleep on a regular basis is a great help.

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