Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Project 5 Pan: Round 3!

I placed an order very late last night on to get a few bits and bobs (haul post on that next week!), so now I am ready to start Project 5 Pan; Round 3! I got a feeling it's going to take a tad bit longer, as I have pretty much finished using up some of my half-used up products.. Got a bit left though!

Once again, here are the flexible 'rules' which I will be following:
1) I am including hair, bath & body products.
2) If I see something on sale/offer I may make an exception (sneaky :p)

Again, wish me luck and link me up to your P5P/P10P if you're participating too :)


Fudgesmoothiesmakeup said...

wow, i cant believe you're on round 3!

I'm struggling to just do one!!!!


hannahbabeyxo said...

Good luck!! :) XO

Shortiee31 said...

@Fudgesmoothiesmakeup - Keep at it! It's feels quite rewarding at the end of finishing a product :)

@hannahbabeyxo - Thank-you! x

Nicola-x said...

Good luck :) Wow round 3 :O xo

Imo said...

LOL! I love the stipulations...good luck!

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