Thursday, 18 February 2010

'Productive' Days!

Yesterday I thought I'd take it a bit easy..
I decided to finally give my Babyliss Thermo-ceramic rollers a go, which I bought back in November! As it's so time consuming and I never really spend more than 10/15 minutes on my hair, I never really tried it out.. But yesterday was the day! I was very pleased with how it turned out - Plenty of volume and soft curls, just what I wanted :D
Later on, I made some Oatmeal biscuits to continue with the lazy theme to my day. If you're interested, I used the recipe from this website. My taste testers were all very pleased with how it came out but they all said one thing.. It needs more sugar. I actually used 6 tbs instead of the 4 tbs it stated but if you're going to follow the recipe, I would use so much more! Makes 34 'biscuits'.
Pictures below :)


hannahbabeyxo said...

Yummmmm I want some! Your hair is gorgeous XO

Ally said...

I've been in a baking frezny recently so will be giving these biscuits a go..i love oatmeal biscuits!

Your hair looks gorgeous!

Kelly/PlaneBeauty said...

Your hair looks fab, makes me miss my long hair :( Those biscuits look very yummy too!

*Jody* said...

So pretty :)

Love those biscuits they look yummy!


Shortiee31 said...

Thank-you guys :) x

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