Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Project 5 Pan: Round 2!

Today I attempted to get the Korres lip butter in Quince.. Sold out - Both in store and online! I am going to order it as soon as it's available online, so therefore I'm sticking to my words and I'm back on for Round 2 of P5P! I have already made a list (sad, I know!) of the products I will be concentrating on using up. Hopefully this will help speed up the progress! ;)

Again my P5P will be very flexible because I am including hair, bath & body products.
You may have noticed I removed 'Rule No.2' this time around - That's because I didn't break it last time and I have quite a few nearly-finished products this time around, meaning there's no excuse for me to include it really!

Wish me luck and link me up to your P5P/P10P if you're participating too :)


scarlettholly said...

good luck!! I still haven't even done 1 project 5 pan.

Gaby said...

Good luck! I'm on a very flexible Projetc Pan, too. It's fun! (=

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