Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Project 5 Pan: Round 1 - Done!

Yes, what you read above is indeed correct!

I finished Project 5 Pan last night when I used up the last bit of my LUSH Vanilla Dee-Lite, which I won from the LUSH raffle 2 months ago! This was my 5th and final product.

The 4th product I used up was the Dove Strengthening Shampoo, which I just abandoned a few months ago! I finished using this up last Wednesday :)

I know for a fact I will commence Round 2 of Project 5 Pan as soon as I get my hands on a Korres lip butter! I have actually really enjoyed rediscovering old products and choosing which ones to 'focus' on using up haha! Blogging my progress has been great fun too :)
I will admit I have found the whole thing a tad bit easy as I have quite a few half-used up products lying around! I reckon that will all come to an end by Round 2, possibly 3 though!

Just to clarify, here is what I used up since 20th December '09 when I first started Project 5 Pan, Round One..
1) Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara
2) Fushi Total Repair Herbal shampoo
3) The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Body Butter
4) Dove Strengthening shampoo
5) LUSH Vanilla Dee-Lite (in a pot however)

Hope you guys have a lovely week! :)


raspcherry said...

Bubble bath doesnt count -I use a bottle every week -lol!

Shortiee31 said...

There is no bubble bath mentioned in my list?
Even if there was, mine tends to last for weeks and I will be including them as they still take up space in my bathroom cabinet haha :)

raspcherry said...

dont worry Im a bubble bath freak, I always have bubble baths on the brain -lol! I meant bathing products and ur dove shampoo -they dont count as they are must have hygienic products like toilet tissue -lol! -thats cheating! has to be cosmetics babes!

Shortiee31 said...

Haha I was sat there wondering which is one could be a bubble bath!
I know but as I stated in my first P5P post I am doing it with a twist and therefore will be including them :)

Princess~Sparkles said...

I'm sure these project whatsits are only done as a little bit of fun ;) don't really think their are any stright rules as to what you can use in them + if you are doing your own project whatsists than include what you like! Some people hoard make-up, others bath/body products makes no difference at the end of the day a product is getting used till it's end ;)

Just my little tupence there

Lady RaRa said...

Well done now go treat yourself lol iim in need of a project x pan. I have things from months ago I haven't even tried :(

Shifa said...

its so much easier to use up skin care products init hun. I just love going through tubs of the body shop lip butter :) I am a fan of Rimmel Sexy Curves too!

Lady RaRa said...

I'm inspired. I think I'm going to start a project of my own tomorrow lol

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