Saturday, 30 January 2010

Models Own Haul 1

So as you have probably heard, Models Own are having are having a 50% off sale, if you spend over £20, which lasts until this Sunday night I believe. I took advantage of this using the promo code 'FIFTYFIFTY' and purchased 5 nail polishes which also entitled me for free delivery (if you spend over £20). This meant I only spent £2.50 on each nail polish, bargain!

From left to right we have...
Pastel Pink, Lilac Dream, Purple Passion, Disco Mix & Sterling Silver.

So pleased, they are exactly how I imagined the colours to be! The swatches on the website are scarily accurate, good job Models Own! Also liked how my order was nicely packaged :)

PS. I blame Tali for blogging about Models Own nail polishes and Vex for telling her followers about the sale :) If it weren't for them I wouldn't have known about the whole thing... Tut tut to you both!


Juicygirl said...

yay for models own sale great haul my order arrived today too just finished my blog post lol :)

Caz said...

I love Models Own polishes :)
I was your 200th follower :)

TaMi said...

thanks for the onfo defo am going to check ot out!

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