Sunday, 13 December 2009

An Up Do!

Seeing as I rarely ever go out with my hair up, I decided to do something different before I had my hair cut on Wednesday (the one that's just gone). I looked through some of Cibu17's videos and decided to go for the 'Parisian Updo'.
These pictures was taken after 3ish hours after initially putting my hair up, hence it looking a bit limp!
1) I prepped my hair with TIGI Ego Boost & CIBU Tsu Shine
2) Sweep hair up at the back and twisted it around until your done
3) I'm not sure how I can go about explaining the rest properly but I shall try!.. Fold the twisted hair inwards, hold onto it and smooth it out.
4) Use bobbypins to secure it in place, I used 4 but could have got away with 3.
5) I used a bit of CIBU Origumi all around to smooth flyaways and to finish it all off!

1 comment:

Maz said...

This look/style is really pretty!!!

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