Sunday, 18 October 2009

LUSH's Brilliant Customer Service!

They are so great that they deserve a post of their own! So a few days ago I 'moaned' a little to myself (on Twitter :p ) about how my Therapy bar looked a bit funny, didn't melt that easily and how I hadn't even used half of it.. I also 'moaned' about how I barely got any use out of my Love Lettuce face mask.. LUSH saw my tweets and offered to replace my products so I could 'fully experience this beautiful bar'!

As for the face mask they said they would take the customer feedback about making smaller pots on board but they did offer to send me LUSH's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask when I mentioned I will give that a go next time! I told them I would buy it myself.. They are too kind, bless 'em!
I did however kindly ask them for a lil sample pot of Big shampoo & Snow Fairy shower gel to which they presented me with.. But they sent me the sample of Big shampoo, 100ml of Snow Fairy shower gel, Creamy Candy bubble bar (not much of a bath girl but shall give it to a go for sure!) and full size soap of Honey I Washed The Kids as 'some complimentary products to make up for the disappointment caused' - Well it worked alright but TBH I wasn't disappointed that much in the first place as their customer service is AMAZING! :D

Needless to say, I am one happy bunny! Have you had any brilliant customer service experiences? - Do let me know :)
Ps. Look out for a mini LUSH review on all the products I have tried sometime in the near future!


Lu said...

Yeah their custome sevice is awesome. I once bought 'Candy fluff' body powder from the store. And when I got home, it wasn't Candy Fluff body powder inside so I emailed them and they said to send it off to them. They contacted me back saying it looks like 'Bare Naked Lady' powder had accidently got put in the wrong pot and they sent me a new powder and box of goodies similar to yours to make up for it. I love Lush! x

Princess~Sparkles said...

I love Lush they really are a friendly company!!

Catanya said...

Wow! I am impressed to read this!! Well done, Lush!

♥ Stella said...

I love Lush as well for their poducts but I think I was unlucky with the customer service:/

And I dont know why I never get the samples, no matter how much I spent.

Im not giving up though;)

katty said...

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