Thursday, 22 October 2009

Autograph's Petal Nail Polish

Another nail polish from my Mum's collection! I think she purchased this from Marks & Spencers a while ago, so you may still be able to find it there. The colour is not something I have come across before (just for nail polishes that is!). In 'real life' Petal appears to be a rosy pink with slight light brown undertones. Petal, for me, is quite a 'nude' nail colour, which I am not personally a fan of on myself, so I doubt I will choose to wear this one again anytime soon!

The nail polish itself went on smoothly and there were no streaks or anything - always a good thing! The consistency of the nail polish is very good too, especially when considering Mum bought this about a year or two ago.
Anything questions, just ask! :)

1 comment:

xcharleym0ox said...

Wow, thats such a pretty colour! :) x

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