Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Soft Waves

Last Wednesday I was randomly inspired to do my hair a bit differently, so I looked into Cibu17's hair vids for inspiration where I found this vid here! I've wanted to buy a conical wand for ages but before I went for it I was determined to find other ways of achieving the same look that I had desired... & I now think I have achieved it :) Here's how my hair turned out..

1) I prepped my hair with TIGI Ego Boost & CIBU Tsu Shine
2) I used a small curling iron by Nicky Clarke
3) I followed the video all the way up to 5:40 and stopped there as I didn't want the other type of wave shown in the video

Hope this helps :)
Thanks moonbeamstarlight for suggesting I make a blog post on this x


Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

This is beautiful, really suits you :) xo

Shifa said...

wow this look stunning on you gurl! you should do this hair more often ♥

hazeleyes said...

Gorgeous! xXx

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