Monday, 21 September 2009

Share The Love :)

Don't know whether you have to be tagged or not but I am doing it anyways as it's a fab post to do! I recommend all bloggers out there to do so too! I am only going to mention 5 bloggers this time around but I will probably do another one again soon as it's fun :D Please check out my other favourite blogs on the right side of the page :)

1) All Things Girly - Laura is such a lovely girl, honestly :) She always leaves the nicest comments when I make a blogpost and regularly comments which I appreciate it very very much, so thank-you for taking the time to do so hun :) Laura also has a beauty blog that I love reading (nail posts especially) so please go and check her out!

2) DollyMix184 - I'm sure you guys know Holly, such a stunner! She writes informative & very helpful reviews. I LOVE her eyes and therefore her FOTD's :)

3) J's Blog - Such a lovely girl with such a lovely blog! J has a mixture of fashion & beauty posts, which I always get a bit too happy to read when they appear on my Blogger dashboard haha! Love her FOTD's!!

4) Zoella - Zoe is just such a sweet girl, the end! :) I joke, I could end it there but everything she blogs about is just amazing! I am sure you've come across Zoe's blog before and have just been amazed by how girly and cute it all is, nothing to fault, just perfection IMO (yes, even you Zoe!) :)

5) IAmStylish - I am always in awe when I see Tiffany's pics, always had a little thing for photography so I am just amazed at how beautiful all her pictures turn out! & Of course the fashion side of things, she's just got it! *Pouts*

Hope you've enjoyed reading my top 5 recommendations so far! :)


Catanya said...

Thanks for all these recommendations! Already following!

J said...

Aww thanks hun :) xx

hazeleyes said...

Aww thank you so much, that really made me smile :) xXx

Zoella. said...

Awee thankyou lovely! That's made my night :):) xxx

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