Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My 1st Blog Award!

Thank-you VERY much Ling (moonbeamstarlight) for presenting me with my very first blog award! The award is called 'I think you are an awesome girl' :D
In order to accept this award properly I have to state 10 random facts about me! I only completed a '10 things' tag about 2 months ago so I won't be doing it again as anything else would just be boring and pointless so will link you up here :)

I tag:
- Daisy (Cupcakes and Cherries)
- Hazeleyes (All Things Girly)
- Holly (Dollymix184)
- Arlene (Dressjunkie)
- Cat (SwirledPeaCat)


dressjunkie said...

You're so sweet, thank you! :) xox

hazeleyes said...

Thank you very much :) xXx

Holly :) said...

Thank u!! xx

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