Sunday, 13 September 2009

Depotting The Body Shop's Eye Colours!

Before I go into how I went about depotting TBS's eye colours and one of my MAC eyeshadows, here is my depotted eyeshadows in my MAC palette.. (Left: MAC and Right: TBS eye colours)

The only 'depotting TBS's eye colours/eyeshadows' post I have seen is by Bubblegarm here.. I was hesitant about using candles/knives or anything else like that so I tried to find another way of depotting the eyeshadows, here's what I did:

1&2) I peeled of the several layers of stickers of the back of the eyeshadow, keeping the one with the names & numbers on it.
3) You can see a little hole near the top end of the eyeshadow, I just stuck a pen in it and then if it didn't pop out straight away then I pushed the eyeshadow with ease by using a pin.
4) Stick the sticker back onto the back of the eyeshadow pan (you might want to stick a magnet on first but I haven't got any!) and then place it into your palette! Simple as :D

Next I depotted my MAC Pandamonium eyeshadow, again I didn't want to mess around with fire/sharp objects so tried to find another way of depotting it - fail.

1) I used a pin and wiggled it through the little gap separating the top pan and the casing (haha hopefully the picture shows you a better explanation of this, plenty of YT vids on this using a knife).
2) Once removed (very easy to do) then I had no choice but to use a candle and make a little hole at the bottom of the eyeshadow pan by melting the plastic.. I used a pin to do this and popped it out. Waited for it to cool down a bit, stuck a bit of paper with the name of the eyeshadow on it and popped it into the pan! I want to remove the actual label of the bottom of the eyeshadow pan but I will do that another day :)

Reasons for depotting:
- So I can save space and I think it's a bit more organised in comparison to having little saucers around my makeup collection ;)
- I tend to reach for the TBS eyeshadows and sometimes tend to neglect my MAC ones so hopefully now I will get more use out of both!

Hope this helps & I hope you guys are having a good weekend! x

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Bevina16 said...

waw yey im going to do that to my body shop ones i have so many and i sometimes live them at my friends i forget them so this is a good idea lol didnt know how to depott the body shop eyeshadows, and ones i saw a YT vid on the mac ones and she used a climper i will try to find it and will post it for you the much easier then the cnadle =)

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