Thursday, 17 September 2009

3 for 2 Boots Haul!

On Monday (this post is a bit late I know!) I saw several of the '3 for 2' offers flying around in Boots, so armed with my advantage card (as usual ;) ) I went to see what I could find! They are also doing their '3 for 2' offer online till sometime next month so no need to leave your seat haha.
The first stand I noticed was 3 for 2 on cosmetics so I immediately remembered I wanted some Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polishes! I got..

From left to right..
- Pulsating = A dark pink with definite purple undertones. I saw Mum picking this one up a while ago so picked this one up for her :)
- Portobello Pink = See post here. Mum loves this one and constantly kept nicking mine and it dried out a bit as she didn't close it properly so got a new one!
- Twinkle = I went to the Collection 2000 stall in Superdrug to check out the famous Dynasty but it was no where to be seen, so this was the perfect dupe with a hint of shimmer in it :)

Next was the offer 3 for 2 on haircare, I headed towards Aussie and bought..

From left to right..
- Smooth + Shine milk = It was the word 'milk' that enticed me into buying this product, it just sounded so nutritious for the hair! Once I read the 'blurb' on the back of the product I realised it required heat (hairdryer) and did the same job as CIBU's Tsu Shine, so I will be taking this back and exchanging it for another product.
- Volume + Conditioning mousse = My Shockwaves 'Twirl It!' mousse is coming to an end and it's nothing special so I thought I'd try this! I am hoping this product really does condition my hair while volumising it, it's promising me wonders?!
- Curl defining + Shine mousse = I mainly use mousse for curling my hair without heat so I guess I 'needed' a curling mousse. As for the shine, I guess that will be an addition!

The end :)


Mayumi said...

lovely stuff :)
could you please do some nail swatches??
i have dynasty but i don't really like the brushes from those nail polishes and dynasty is kinda of too pink toned for my liking. i want a really nice lilac colour :)

Shortiee31 said...

Yup sure :) I am guessing you mainly want swatches of Twinkle? x

hazeleyes said...

Ooh those nail polishes are soo pretty! xXx

Shifa said...

wow lovely nail paints :)
yes plz can v have a swatch!

Mayumi said...

yes pleeeease. 8)

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