Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Few Gifts, Samples & Mini Haul

A really good friend of mine recently went to Vietnam for the Summer and bought me back this cute little trinket box and a super sweet mirror - which has a little bell attached to it! :p The trinket box is sitting on my table and I am looking at it as I am typing this up now lol :)

I also went to meet up with a few friends while they were working and to cut a long story short I managed to get some samples of Burts Bees to try out - including the Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme I've sort of been 'craving' for haha! I think I actually am glad to receive the sample instead of buying the full size product because the little tub is super cute and tiny! :D I also sniffed out the other stuff that they had in store and came out with samples of the ones I liked the scent of.. ;)

I then went to a store called the NutriCentre which stocked nutritional products, herbal medicines and very organic natural stuff like that lol :) I bought some vitamins etc. and that's when I spotted a make up range I'd never heard/seen before - elysambre. I swatched some eyeshadows etc. and it looked promising, however I had settled on trying a mascara for short lashes first!

Now this is where it gets interesting... I picked up the box of what I thought was the actual mascara and went to pay for it, when the lady who works there turned back to the make up stand and picks up what actually looks like the mascara - I was completely bewildered. It turns out the thing she picked up was the mascara cover and the thing I picked up was the refill. Hope you guys managed to follow that lol! Elysambre, being the natural cosmetics company that they are, would like customers to purchase their refill tubes instead of buying the whole thing again and wasting resources! Yes, I did my research, here is what they say about themselves:

"Elysambre is a gentle yet specialised, all natural, mineral based refillable make-up range. Elysambre pledges to offer an innovative, original skin-care make-up line that combines natural ingredients and up-to-date technologies and to respect the quality, the environment, human relations and animals while bringing total comfort and full satisfaction."

The packaging itself is LUSH, looks sooo expensive and it feels quite heavy actually (it's made out of copper)!

Now onto the real LUSH stuff haha, I went to the LUSH store about a week ago and picked up a sample of LUSH's own lemon hand cream, Lemony Flutter. While I was there I purchased a face mask most suitable for my combination skin, Love Lettuce - Was SO disappointed Ralf (the gorgeous LUSH assistant) didn't say 'Cupcake is the perfect one for you!' at this point haha!

A review on the best lemon cuticle cream will be coming soon :)
Thank-you for reading xx


Ling2 said...

That refillable makeup think sounds pretty cool! No more wasting money on new packaging!! Although sometimes I like new packaging because its clean :P hehe I wish MAC was still doing Bac2Mac :( xXx

Karen said...

I also have the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme and it's pretty good! But I don't use cuticle creams very often so I'm not sure what to compare it to. But I do love the Burt's Coconut Foot Cream - it smells sooo yummy and it's really moisturizing :)

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