Monday, 24 August 2009

The Body Shop Event!

Yes, I was there too! :) I will be trying to keep it short and sweet as this post is a bit late and I am sure you've heard it all!

- I met up with Suzit86 and moonbeamstarlight a bit before the event! Some of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet - Thanks girls! :)
- The venue, Sketch was AMAZING! They had these weird but wonderful unique sculptures and all sorts.. Just breathtaking to be honest!

- I think I was more fascinated by the pod toilets that Barbie spoke about more than anything LOL!

- I think it was soooo cool how the event organisers made heart shaped cushions just for the event... I wanted to take one home with me so badly haha :)

- Chase Aston demonstrated two looks on two models and we were educated on all sorts and took some tips & tricks with us. We were also told about The Body Shop's latest campaign which is to stop sex trafficking.. You can help do this by purchasing their hand cream HERE. We were also told about a new product launch Nutriganics which will be coming to us all soon! :D

- Then there was an interesting informative presentation on their new perfume 'Love Etc.' where we were told how a perfume is made and how the people behind the scenes put it all together! Not going to go into this too much, I am sure you've read/heard this all before!

- Here's a group photo of all of us there.. Can you spot me? ;) (Thank-you for the pic Natalie!)

- And finally, they gave us plenty of goodies! I will of course be reviewing these one I have tried the majority of them :) I will be giving some to my mother and also my friend as some of the lipstick shades for example do not suit me well. Would also like to mention I opted out of testing their skincare range as I am happy with what I am currently using. (Thank-you to Zoella for the lipsticks pic... Hard to believe I was sitting so close to you haha :p)

- You can use the online promotional code 'FACEOFF10' to receive 10% off any of their Autumn trends collection (valid until 28th Sept '09)

- To see more photos from the day click HERE. Credits goes to Natalie at HeadstreamPR, thank-you for an awesome day you guys! x

If you did manage to get to the end of this post without getting bored then well done and thank-you very very much :) It was lovely talking to some of you girls, I wish the confident side of me came out more as I didn't speak to many of you as I went all shy - really regret now! :(
Anyways, any questions, please feel free to ask!


Ling2 said...

HAHA! I totally wanted to take a cushion home too XD We should've hid them in our body shop bags and sneaked them out!!

You're so sweet yourself! ^^

Zoella. said...

Awee, you silly billy, what do you mean it was hard to believe. haha.
You're so adoooorable! :) xxx

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