Monday, 10 August 2009

Barry M Lollipop26

Man, have I missed blogging or what! It's been 2 weeks! My cousin from Canada came over to stay with me for 2+ weeks as I have mentioned before and I showed her around London and we've just been running around a lot really so yup.. I have a good excuse :)

This is the lollipop26 nail paint by Barry M. Yeah I know, it's not really called lollipop26 but why not just name it after the wonderful lady herself (seeing as that's the code you had to enter to get this) instead of 'NPP1', right? So therefore I will be calling it lollipop26!
Another stunning colour by Barry M, slightly similar to Rimmel's Portobello Pink in the bottle (this one has a bit of a blue undertone to it though). Barry M's Shocking pink is much more of a deeper pink IMO. I just applied one coat of this, fab consistency like most of their nail paints and very pigmented.

This pic was taken after a few days of initial application (hence the little chip on my thumb nail). Another one to get your hands on guys! :)


hannahbabeyxo said...

Such a gorgeous colour!! love it! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Oooh yay I just won this in a contest so I'm really really excited about it arriving! Looks gorgeous - "blue undertone" sounds nice! x

*~mad munky~* said...

loving that colour!

kamyara kay make-up said...

i have the yellow one and i love it too bits. barry m is great <3
love kamy

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