Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My Hair Care & Styling

Me & my hair... A few facts:
  • I get my hair cut every 6 months.
  • My hairdressers (I don't stick to one person) don't believe me when I tell them the above as they say my hair was/is in a really good condition (they thought I get it cut the usual 6/8 weeks!).
  • I wash my hair every other day.
  • My hair grows about an inch every 2 months.
  • I have only coloured my hair once; T-section highlights. This was about 2 years ago.
  • You could say I use my straighteners everyday, whether it's to curl or straighten my hair.
  • I don't use hair dryers that often.
Hair care - I'd consider this a bit of a specialist subject for me ;) This is what I am currently using and recommend.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - I first bought this 2+ years ago and since then I haven't purchased any other deep conditioning treatment! I use this about twice a week. Love this stuff and I highly recommend it to you all!

TIGI Ego Boost - I think I bought this last summer and have been using this every other day (after I wash my hair). It's a leave-in-conditioner and heat defence, which I believe is very important to use, brilliant stuff. Lasts long and you get your money's worth. Oh and gotta love the hot pink packaging! :p

Hair Styling - Each product has a different purpose and I will go through them now...
CIBU Origumi - I usually use this for getting that 'beach waves' look or for smoothing down baby hairs when I have my hair up. Leaves hair SUPER soft and shiny!

CIBU Mousse Lee - Since this stuff is tiny - sample size - I only use it for special occasions! When applied to the roots (wet/damp hair) and blow dried... WOW! Enough said :)

CIBU Tsu Shine - I use this after applying Ego Boost to my hair and combing it through. 2 small squirts of this (if you have short/med hair then you will only need 1 squirt), rub hands together and lightly run it over your hair, avoiding the roots and voila! This stuff will last me years, keeps my hair healthy, leaves it looking even healthier, smells gorgeous and leaves it perfectly shiny! I've also been told that Tsu Shine doubles up as a barrier against heat - bonus :D

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Only a recent discovery but I can see why there are plenty of raves concerning this product! I use this every other day (on the day my hair is due for a wash) and about 30 secs later I get a reasonable amount of volume and a just-washed look! :D

As for shampoo/conditioner in general I pretty much use whatever I am interested in, will do separate post on that.
If you would like to know any other/more details concerning the products mentioned, leave me a comment and I will do my best to help you out :)


Victoria said...

I haven't had my hair cut for 6/7 months and I'm surprised that it isn't looking as bad as I thought it would! I'm going to get a trim soon..and then leave it for another few months. I'm trying to grow it as long as poss!
Great post. x

Fey said...

Great Blog! I've tagged you for a little game/quiz on my blog if you've got time.

take care

Propecia said...

I never go for a hair cut that regularly. However this is a great compilation of some very useful products I must say.

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