Monday, 6 July 2009

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Colour Review

In this review I will be comparing TBS's Sheer Lip Colour with MAC's Slimshines and listing their pros & cons.
01, Pink is a gorgeous pale pink lip colour (for me anyways!) which has a slight lavender undertone to it (when applied on my lips) and may be compared to MAC's Bare Slimshine because of it's light pink colour and frostiness.
05, Ruby is a sheer Ruby red colour, true to its name! Both lip colours have tiny silver shimmers to it.
The picture below shows the sheer lip colours I had been sent: 01, Pink (left) and 05, Ruby (right).

  • Light fruity scent
  • Highly moisturising
  • Lasts longer in comparison to MAC Slimshines
  • Colour can be built up
  • Glides on with ease
  • Lasts long on the lips
  • I love pairing 01, Pink over bright lipsticks to tone them down!
  • 05, Ruby is great for a natural, rosy-lips look
  • They are just a normal sheer lipstick in slimshine-esque packaging, whereas slimshines are a mix of a lipgloss & a lipstick
  • Gives a 'lipstick finish' as opposed to a glossy one - which, initially, I wasn't expecting.
  • Not many colours in the range
I honestly can't think of many cons, I would really recommend you guys to try them them out. Here are the skin & lip swatches:

The sheer lip colours are £9 for 2.1g. Below are list of other colours in their range:
  • 02 - Guava
  • 06 - Blush
  • 07 - Sheer caramel
  • and of course 01 - Pink & 05, Ruby
Great products but you don't get much of a choice, I know :(
Other comments:
Would I buy it again? Yes, I will consider purchasing 01, Pink again as MAC have increased their prices on all their products and Bare slimshine now costs £12.50! Good deal here for sure! :D
Would I recommend it? Most definitely! These sheer lip colours are just lipsticks which you can increase the intensity if you wish too. Apart from the lack of colours to choose from I am sure everyone will find a colour for them... I reckon most of you will like 01, Pink as it's a nudy pink so I definitely recommend that you guys check it out! :D


Catanya said...

Sheer caramel looks so beautiful!! Thanks for this post!!

Lipstick on the cup said...

I tagged you! Make sure to check out my blog :)

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