Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Body Shop Liquid Lip Colour Review

I've been using this product for over a month now and have now come across all its pros & cons, so here we go! :)
First of all I will talk a bit about their liquid lip colour, the one I received is in 11, Raspberry. The colour is a true reflection to its name! As you can see in the skin swatch below the liquid lip colour most definitely has a liquidy consistency compared to a normal lipgloss - but then again this product is intended to be a liquid lip colour (duh lol).

  • Has a GORGEOUS fruity smell to it! Mmm I could keep sniffing this all day :D Apparently this scent is Passion Fruit, yum!
  • Not sticky at all - Feels smooth
  • Wipes of easily - Good thing if I want to get it off, if I put too much on
  • Brush applicator gives plenty of control
  • Gives a 'wet' look as opposed to glossy
  • 8ml, plenty of product to get through!
  • Looks fab. when paired lightly over a lipstick
  • Very pigmented
  • Looks as if my lips/mouth is bleeding if I try and layer it on (a lovely comment from my Mum, which I agree with - it's probably just this shade though tbh)
  • Has no stickiness to it - It sort of sits on my lips?!
  • Wipes of easily - Have to reapply if I accidentally brush past something
  • Brush applicator doesn't pick up much colour
  • The shine/wet look sort of fades away quite quickly after a while
The pic below shows my lip swatches: (1st - light coat, 2nd - layered on)

This liquid lip colour is 9.25 for 8ml. They have plenty of other shades, as listed below:
  • 01 - Natural
  • 02 - Golden Coral
  • 04 - Blush Pink
  • 10 - Sunrise Pink
  • 13 - Pale Pink
  • 14 - Bronzed
  • 15 - Fuchsia Flush Pink
  • 16 - Dusky Lavender
  • and of course, 11 - Raspberry
Other comments:
Would I buy it again? Regretfully, I would say I would not repurchase this product, especially in this particular colour. Having said that I probably will check out the other colours in their range when I am at a TBS store, just to see how the others fair.
Would I recommend it? Everyone has different opinions, whether it is the lip gloss' colour or texture etc. Therefore I would advise you to go and check it out for yourselves - even if it's just for the gorgeous smell :p

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