Friday, 24 July 2009

The Body Shop Lip Colour Review

I have been using these products for about 2 months now and have mixed opinions on these, which I will now share with you. From left to right we have;

07 Rose Pink, 21 Soft Red, 02 Honey & 41 (No Name).
They all look similar to each other, right? But if you look at the skin swatches below you will see it's a whole different story!

  • No scent whatsoever
  • Lasts long on the lips
  • 1g more than MAC lipsticks and cheaper by £3.20
  • Wide colour selection (in comparison to their sheer lip colours) they have 18 I can see on their site
  • Glides on smoothly if lips are moisturised well
  • Good colour pay off!
  • Not that moisturising as it claims to be
  • Hasn't got a soft feel on the lips like MAC lipsticks do. However if you like the Barry M lip paints you won't mind these - they feel the same.
Here are the skin swatches, they are in the same order as the pic above:

These lipsticks (or as TBS call it, lip colours) are £8.80 for 4g. They have so many colours in their range, which you can check out HERE.

Other comments:
Would I buy it again? Well I don't see these running out any time soon because they seem to last for agesss! I would however regretfully have to say no because my lips get dry easily and these lip colours don't really do me any favours where moisturising is concerned. Having said that, I would most definitely check them out if I am looking for wearable lip colours which may not be available elsewhere.
Would I recommend it? Yes! If you guys don't need a moisturising lippy then go for it! Brilliant colour pay off and it lasts long on the lips so it's one to check out :)

PS. Mum's found her new favourite peach/orange shade suited for her taned skin.. 02 Honey! She's taken it from me :o

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*~mad munky~* said...

thanks for the review :o) my lips dry out easily so i think i'll give these a miss!

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