Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter Review

I have been using this for long enough now so it's time for a review!
TBS Cocoa Butter Body Butter, half finished:

What's in it and what does it do?
The Cocoa Butter body butter contains (stating the obvious here) cocoa butter and Shea butter. TBS say these main ingredients are "an excellent moisturiser that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth", which I most definitely agree with! Like their same scented scrub, it is recommended for people with very dry skin. I myself have dry skin and therefore does a brilliant job of moisturising. I feel as if my skin is moisturised for 24+ hours and feels cared for. I honestly love using this body butter, especially after shaving my legs as it really gives that perfect soothing feeling and of course leaves my legs looking super healthy and 'glowing' nicely.

How much and how long?
It's 200ml per tub and it costs £12.20 - However, I got mine for half the price during their sale in April. For some reason they don't have the mini 50ml size for £4.85, like they do with the others in the range, which is a shame because it's always good to try it stuff before you buy it in the full size. I bought this about mid-April and have been using it since. I've now got about 10 uses left (the pic above is an old pic btw) - so a tub will approx. last around 3 months - therefore it's pretty good considering I paid £6.10 for it!

How does it smell?
This smells a bit sweeter than the TBS Cocoa Butter Body Scrub. I do however prefer the sweeter chocolaty smell that the Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotions/body butters have! Apparently this body butter is meant to have the chocolate/vanilla smell but I'm not so sure tbh. Again, I would recommend you guys to get down to the TBS store and sniffing it out yourselves :)

What other 'flavours' do TBS have?
Again, plenty to choose from! Here it is:
  • Vitamin E - All skin types
  • Peach - All skin types
  • Raspberry - Normal skin
  • Pomegranate - Normal skin
  • Wild Cherry - Normal skin
  • Strawberry - Normal skin
  • Satsuma - Normal skin
  • Papaya - Normal skin
  • Pink Grapefruit - Normal skin
  • Coconut - Normal/Dry skin
  • Coconut Shimmer - Normal/Dry skin
  • Olive - Normal/Dry skin
  • Passion Fruit - Normal/Dry skin
  • Moringa - Normal/Dry skin (will double check)
  • Brazil Nut - Dry skin
  • Shea - Very Dry skin
  • Mango - Very Dry skin
  • Hemp - Extremely Dry skin
  • Aloe - Sensitive skin
  • and of course, Cocoa Butter - Very dry skin
TBS have the majority of the 'flavours' above in a lotion version too.

Other comments:

Would I buy it again? Yes, but only if I catch it during their half price sales. I don't think I can bring myself to buy it at the full price even though I honestly love this stuff! I bought 2 in April so I look forward to another 3/4 months with this body butter then I will be experimenting with the other scents in the range!
Would I recommend it? I most definitely would for people with dry or very dry skin! Others may find this moisturiser a bit greasy (I don't) etc. if your skin type leans towards the normal category.
Another note: I find this a bit too moisturising in this heat/summer for me!
I would also like to mention that this feels like butter, no doubt about it - A good thing in my eyes! Like most products with cocoa butter as its mean ingredient, it helps cuts/scars heal quicker too.
Any other questions? Please feel free to ask :)


hazeleyes said...

I love body shop's body butters... i think my favourite is the coconut one! xXx

VexInTheCity said...

The Coconut's my fave. I tend to buy the moff cheaper off Ebay than pay the overpriced RRP TBS charges.

Cool blog! Come and check mine out, hope to see you there:

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