Friday, 26 June 2009

Summery Nails!

I had done my nails on Wednesday but have only found the time to take proper pics just now (which turned out awful - lack of sunlight!). Get creative with your nails people :)

Products used:
- Rimmel Nail Rescue (clear)
- Barry M's Nail Paint in Shocking Pink, 272
- Nicka K top coat
* Flower pattern from Nailene Bedazzle Rhinestone Nail Art (sticker)

On a side note my Shocking Pink nail paint is turning slightly gloopy to which JJ26 said:
"Add some nail polish remover to it, it just thins it out and voila no gloop!"

I think I may have heard/read this before but have been too 'scared' to try it out.. But I will now! Thanks for the tip! :) x


Ellie said...

Wow that's amazing! You're so creative, I can only just paint my nails without making a complete mess! Love them :) xx

Rai said...

Cute nails!

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