Sunday, 21 June 2009

LUSH Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter Review

I have been using this scrub/body butter for approximately a month now so I now feel ready to share my opinions with you!

What's in it and what does it do?

This body butter has ''exfoliating ground almond shells mixed into a big bar of perfumed, moisturising oils'' and contains cocoa butter like 'The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Body Scrub'. It also contains almond butter to help moisture the skin while exfoliating. I was told by the lovely sales assistant, Emma, that this scrub is for people with normal/dry skin. I don't like my scrubs to be too abrasive, which when applied to the skin at first, it is. It's a weird feeling because initially it feels quite rough and almost 'hurts' to use but then after a few seconds the grains feel like it has eroded away and provides a great exfoliation. I would say this scrub does a better job of moisturising in comparison to the TBS Cocoa Butter body scrub and could probably get away without moisturising afterwards!

How much and how long?
This body butter weighs 95g and costs £4.84. This comes in a big block (as seen above) but I choose to cut mine into little pieces so I get more use out of it - Click here if you want more info. As with any scrub/LUSH's body butter, you just rub it gently on wet skin, then rinse off as usual. I got a few more uses than other LUSHies because of my cut up cubes, so going by what I've done, I would say it lasts for approx 2 months. So therefore TBS is better when considering how long it lasts even though their scrub is double the price.

How does it smell?
I have to agree with nearly everyone else who has tried this body butter before - It has a slight scent of digestive biscuits! I personally am not to keen on this scent (doesn't linger on the skin so it's okay) but as always this is my opinion so I would suggest you visit their store and sniff it yourself :)

What other 'flavours' do LUSH have?
Each one is for different skin types so you are bound to find one for you! They have:
  • Aqua Mirabilis - Normal/Dry Skin
  • Buffy - Really Dry Skin (tested in store - abrasive indeed)
  • King of Skin - Moisturising, most likely for dry skin.
  • Running to the Embassy - A foot scrub
  • The Soft Touch - For your hands
  • You Snap The Whip - Mild scrub (tested in store - smells like Ribena!)
Other stuff:
A key point: It breaks up/melts pretty fast so make sure you don't drop it into water/under the shower!

As before, I asked my mother to share her thoughts - She said she preferred TBS Cocoa Butter Body Scrub because it's 'easier to use', 'smells nicer' and she feels it's a 'better' exfoliate in comparison to LUSH's Aqua Mirabilis.
I managed to get my father to participate too (!) and he too preferred the 'paste-like one' (TBS scrub lol) because it's 'good' - Yeah, thanks Dad very helpful (!) ;)

And my opinion? I wouldn't mind using either of them again but if I were asked to only pick one I would choose TBS Body Scrub simply because it lasts longer.
Hope this review has helped you guys :)

PS. I'm only mentioning TBS body scrub & LUSH's Aqua Mirabilis (obviously lol) because they are the only scrubs I've used. I will hopefully be trying out other scrubs and will continue to compare them to each other so you get an idea of what's best for what e.g. moisturising, exfoliating etc.


Lou* said...

ive never tried anything from lush, ill have to give it a go xx

Daisy said...

I bought this recently and love it! I actually quite like the smell- it does make me want to eat it haha. Was really impressed by it :)

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