Sunday, 7 June 2009

Beach Waves Using CIBU!

As I had mentioned in my previous post it was very sunny here in England last week (the sun has now been replaced with rain!) and what with all the heat and everything the last thing I wanted to do was straighten/curl my hair with hot tools. Anyways back to the beach waves and how to achieve that look lol:

1) After washing my hair I left it to air dry about till it was about 40% dry and put some CIBU Mousse Lee (a foaming volumiser) near the roots of my hair. Then I sectioned my hair into 4 (bottom-left, bottom-right, top-left, top-right) and applied CIBU Origumi (a creative paste) to it. Then, separating the 4 sections into 2 further sections, I curled my hair around my finger and then carefully took the coiled hair and clipped it with sectioning clips and left it till it was about 75% dry. Repeat these steps all around - I ended up with my hair sectioned up into 8 bits!

2) Once you feel that most of you hair is dry, carefully take out the clips and it should look something like image no2.

3) Bend over and shake your hair once or twice very gently... & your done! I don't like to use hairspray much as I find I don't need it as the paste itself has good hold.

4) & this is just me in the morning once it all loosened up a bit! :)

This is what my natural hair with nothing done to it looks like. These pics should speak volumes itself :)

PS. I would like to state that these products were sent to me very kindly by Jenn, brand manager of CIBU last year and I still use them to this day. This was something I had experimented with and came out, in my opinion, lovely & therefore this is not really a review, sorry!


LottieB said...

Wow! Your hair looks stunning and you are extremely gorgeous! x

loveaudrey said...

You look gorgeous! I'm rubbish at styling my own hair so I'm full of admiration! xxx

Hele said...

your hair is beautiful!! xx

*Nehs* said...

love what u did to your hair, pretty!

and thank you so much for stopping on my blog, and liking the camwhoring photos. LOL.


Rin said...

Your natural hair looks beautiful and healthy!

Mevish said...

Your hair looks stunning :)

CIBU International Haircare said...

Stunning, as usual. Thanks for all the support, Shortiee. You know, you were one the very first people I followed on Twitter. Ahhh, back in the ole days. September 2008. When Twitter was young.
Cibu Loves You and I do, too.

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