Saturday, 30 May 2009

MAC Slimshine Swatches

Here are the lip swatches that I promised! They look much better in 'real life', trust me :)
Click to enlarge pics if necessary.

The famous Bare Slimshine (frost) which I and many others believe suits ALL skin tones! I can see myself wearing this with blue eyes :)

Missy Slimshine (cream) is a nice Coral colour with orange undertones; is being discontinued. I can see myself pairing this slimshine with green/purple eyes!

Mousse Slimshine (cream) is a bit of a nude lip colour for me! This slimshine is described as a mid-tone caramel brown colour which I agree with; this too is being discontinued.

As expected with the Slimshines they give a sheer wash of colour. However I believe this can be built up quite well to a certain extent (but it still doesn't provide you with as much colour that is given with a lipstick). It's highly moisturising and is a perfect transition product for lipgloss lovers seeking to try out lipsticks!
Would also like to mention they don't have MAC's signature Vanilla scent, which I am quite disappointed about - They have no scent whatsoever.

I am tempted to buy backups of Missy & Mousse before they disappear but I am on the fence..

Hope you all have a lovely weekend guys :)


XINAR0X said...

Try Mac Ravishing's a more pigmented version of Missy slimshine. Also, I find slimshines finish so quickly. =(

Sarah said...

Ooooh these lippes are so pretty, they all look gorgeous on you :)


oooh...i'm liking missy. try velvet teddy. a dupe for one of these nice nude lippies. it's matte though. i really hate it when they're discontinuing some items like the full coverage foundation. it went to the pro outlet so that means it's unavailable already in the consumer outlets. don't worry, these slimshines will come back as repromotes for sure. :)

nice blog. :)

leslielovesmakeup said...

thanks for dropping by sweetheart! the lippies look good.

Julienne said...

Ooh I love slimshines. Bare is my absolute favourite of them all. :) I kind of like how they are sheer so I don't have fear of applying without a mirror, hehe.

Whit said...

ahh man i love slimshines! my favorite one is gentle simmer!

Lipstick on the cup said...

So pretty! I like all of them! ;)

Mevish said...

very pretty i love mac ravishing

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