Friday, 3 April 2009

Shoe Haulin' & Cute Headband!

Hiya guys!
Went shopping about a week ago and I was aiming to get myself some black pumps & smart courts! But before we go there.. Look at these babies!!.. As soon as I saw this I thought I had died and gone to heaven - I have never felt that way about shoes before tbh *hides*

Hot Pink and GORGEOUS! But.. :( I bought these in size 4 and the black ones (which are yes exactly the same except for the colour!) in 3
½.. Turns out the black ones are the 'right' size for me and the pink ones slip off a bit when I walk in them! *Sigh* so I took it back. I went back to the store and frantically searched for them in my size, but they weren't there :( Btw.. Usually I am a size 4, 4½ but turns out that's not the case at M&S..
These courts are from their Limited Collection btw - really recommend you check it out! Only £19.50 as well!

Been getting endless compliments on these little beauties - even from the boys, no lie! Again, £19.50 at M&S Limited Collection! Just look at them, words do not express how cute they are :p They produce them in 3 other colours as well! Click
here for a direct link to their site/shoes - and be quick!

Also got these at a store in Lakeside, can't remember the name of the store however, sorry! Was on sale for £10! :D I can't walk properly in these ones though.. Need more practise!

Went to New Look quickly and caught my eye on this cute headband, which is soo comfortable to wear too! Only £3.00!

Don't know what is is about bows but yeah..
Thanks for reading guys, take care!
Shortiee x

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