Saturday, 18 April 2009

Miss Sporty's Clubbing Colours in Manga

Miss Sporty's Clubbing Colours Quick Dry in Manga. I found the name of the nail polish through their site, for some reason it's not stated on the bottle?!
It was sunny for a while and painting my nails with this colour reminded me of real summer!

ONLY one coat people.. One coat! I am really impressed with the colour and how quick it dries. What's more impressing is the price - ONLY
£1.95 for 7ml! From now on if I see a colour that I want and Miss Sporty have it (limited range of colours unlike Barry M) then I will most definitely be purchasing from them!

Ps. I painted my nails on Wednesday, 3 days later only a tiny bit of chipping on the very edge/tips of my nails.. Impressive indeed! :)


happy1234 said...

That colour is fantastic - I recently got some Miss Sporty stuff - they are such a good price arent they?

Shifa said...

omdz :O lurrve dat color on u! i wish i cud pull dat off :S m gna try the other colors in the range thou :)

Little Thoughts and Lovely Things said...

hey. thanks so much for checking out and commenting my blog. i really appreciate it, it's hard to get readers when you first start out!

anyway, what a bright and unique color. looks good with your skin tone. i wish polish lasted even that long on me though without chipping! no matter what i do or what brand i use it might last 2 days without chipping if i'm lucky.

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