Monday, 6 April 2009

Mini MAC Sugarsweet Haul!

Hey guys!
I placed my order Wednesday evening on the MAC site, received it Friday morning! I knew these tricolour glasses weren't THAT pigmented before I bought them but I was looking for sheer colour with small shimmer/glitter in them.. And I got just that! Btw these pics do not show the shimmer/glitter in the gloss justice, it's much more sparklier (if that's even a word!) than this. 4 days too late but here it is..
Tasty tricolour lipglass

Triple Yum tricolour lipglass

Triple Yum (left), Tasty (right). Left pic - Flash. Right pic - No flash.

I got exactly what I wanted from these glasses so I am pleased! They are not sticky at all, some may say that's a bad thing but I think it's good! My mother hates sticky lipglosses so when I asked her to try these out.. She gave them a big thumbs up! Even though these tricolour lipglasses are not sticky they DO last a long time on the lips - approx. 4 hours.
One disadvantage is the top 2 colours have already mixed slightly and I must have pumped it in and out of the tube about 15 times each? Reason for pumping it so much - You get little product on the doefoot applicator (No, that was not an error, it shows a brush like the one from the lustreglass on the site but in fact you get the tinted lipglass type applicator!) and therefore it requires about 3/4 attempts to get full glossy lips!
I believe these tricolour lipglasses are not in much demand so you should be able to find it on the MAC site till, I'm guessing, the end of April.

Any questions feel free to ask!
Shortiee x

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