Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mini The Body Shop Haul

During the Easter weekend TBS (The Body Shop) had a little deal going on.. 50% of their Cocoa Butter Body Butter! Usually their body butter's cost £12.20.. Seeing as I've nearly finished my Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion I purchased two of these and the Love Your Body discount card (£5).
Orders over
£15 qualified for free delivery and on top of the 50% off, I also got a further 10% off from the card ALREADY! Reaping the benefits already - it's like I hadn't even paid for the card!

I placed my order Monday afternoon (bearing in mind this was a holiday), received a notification that they had dispatched my order on Tuesday and my body butter's had arrived on Wednesday - Amazing service! I had received my discount card on Friday (this is normal, they dispatch cards separately) so I thought I'd wait till I do a blog post until I had got everything together.

Initial thoughts on the body butter:
  • Definitely has a true feeling/consistency of soft butter
  • Highly moisturising - you know it's 'working' and lasts on your skin but not in a bad way
  • Doesn't smell as sweet and chocolatey as Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion
  • Smells a bit like their Cocoa Butter Body Scrub - didn't expect that tbh!
Once I have used this body butter a couple more of times I will most definitely do a review and let you guys know how I get on! :)


Laura said...

I LOVE this :)

Shifa said...

ohh wow! dats sucha good deal :O will defo check em out ;)

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