Wednesday, 22 April 2009

LUSH & The Apprentice!

The Apprentice (UK).. One of my fav shows ever! As you may know, they sort of teamed up with LUSH for last week's task and rumour was that if the teams product was good enough they were going to sell it at their stores! Now I don't see the last week's losing teams Sandalwood soap being made - they would probably have to sell it at an extremely high price! - but here's what they've released!:
Honey Waffle soap - Looks very similar to the one you may have seen on The Apprentice by the winning team (how on earth they won is beyond me!) £3.43
A. Sugar Scrub - Inspired by the gorgeous Sir Alan Sugar! £2.50

LUSH's product description (LOL):
"Here's one of our Apprentice inspired products, which we named in honour of Sir Alan. It's hard, but a bit of a sweetie. A. Sugar Scrub - insert laughter - is a right toughie. It stands for no nonsense as it stimulates activity where there was once sluggishness, and (here the metaphor ends) it tackles cellulite with fennel and ginger. Skin calming lavender has a balancing effect (like Nick and Margaret). Get yourself wet in the shower or bath (but don't let the bar get under the running water or it's lost before it's has a chance to prove itself, a bit like some of Sir Alan's apprentices), scrub and rinse. It doesn't waste any time getting down to business and getting the job done."

Love the pic on their homepage haha.. Check it out HERE.!
All pics are avail. if you click on the link :) I am defo. going to check the sugar scrubs out!!


*~mad munky~* said...

Haven't used Lush in a while.....think I might be tempted back to try these out! :o)

Shifa said...

hehehe the image is jokes! cant believe i missed that episode :O

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