Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Nail Polish/Paint Haul & Bright Blue Nails!

So I went to Superdrug yesterday afternoon after I couldn't resist holding on any longer.. I just had to get all the colours of the rainbow that I thought would suit me! One colour I couldn't get was a pastel green, Barry M 304 (Exact dupe for MAC's Peppermint Patti) as recommended by the lovely lollipop26. Reason being it's only available online! Here's what I did manage to get though:

Before I start listing them all I would like to state I was trying to look for these shades in the Miss Sporty collection as
Hele said they were worth checking out but I only found one that I liked.. Will move onto that later.
Anyways, I got a clear nail polish from Barry M as mine was gloopy heaven. Barry M nail paint in Grey (293), Dark Blue (291), Sky Blue (295) and Miss Sporty's Clubbing Colours in (no name!) a Bright Orange shade!

I can't wait to try all of these out! But seeing as it was really sunny and the weather was amazing I decided to paint my nails in Barry M's 295! Here it is:

I LOVE IT! Just how I LOVE their Shocking Pink colour, just brightens up my hands sooo much.. Certainly brightens up my day when I am typing away etc. :D And I only applied one coat!

Btw.. Here's my Twitters from yesterday :p

''I can't stop looking at nail polishes! I feel a major haul coming on & with my ever changing mind I think I'll stick to high street brands!'' - 15.06 April 6th.
I hauled :) Blogpost coming soon!'' - 16.30 April 6th.

In reality I actually bought it about an hour later but still haha..
Hope your all having a wonderful day!


XINAR0X said...

Nice Haul! I love bright nail polishes too! It looks so pretty on your nails.

Amy said...

nice haul I really like the blue you tried on!!
check my blog?? thanks :)

Tiffany said...

I have the grey nail polish from barry m. I'm thinking of getting the 304 but haven't been to town today and I don't think the town is open tomorrow (?). Hmmm. Is it really just available online?

I don't like Miss Sporty nail polishes. There's always air bubbles when I apply them on my nails.

Cupcake said...

I love that minty colour its really pretty. Im still wearing the bublegum pink today and no chips!! So I think i'll be adding to my Barry M collection soon : ) x

Hele said...

you have lovely nails!

pastel19 said...

I have to get that blue polish!! it looks so pretty :)

nail polish junkie said...

gta be 1 o my fave barry m polishes to were :D

MandieLovesMAC said...

i REALLY wanted the light blue one! SO PRETTYYYY
Thanks for checking out my blog btw xoxo

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