Sunday, 22 March 2009

MAC Haul!!

Heyy guys,
2 weeks ago I finally got myself down to Westfield with a really good mate of mine who couldn't wait for Hello Kitty to arrive! We had been planning this out since it come out in the US - yeah I know right, agesss ago! When we finally got there (about an hour and a half later!) we headed straight for the MAC Pro store... Looked around for a bit and seeing as we got there when the store opened shortly before our arrival, we got served straight away by the very friendly MUA's there.
Sadly, my mate didn't get anything she came for as it was all sold out (but trust me it doesn't end there), so I did my shopping and we left! I'll show you guys what I got first and then I'll share my 'adventure' with you guys! :p

Now I had been wanting these eyeshadows for months but sort of resisted.. Yeah, I know, clearly didn't work! Here we go now:

Yessss, finally got my hands on a MAC Pro Palette for 15 eyeshadows! Also got Deep Truth (dark blue), Humid (dark olive green), Post Haste (bright pink - a pink that ACTUALLY shows up on me! :D), Fig 1 (dark purple) - all eyeshadows of course.

Here are the beauties in the palette! The silver'ish grey is Pandamonium, which I swapped with the lovely oxfordjasmine on SwapsiesUK (Laura's UK based swapping site - check it out: ). I need to depot that later!

Also popped into Boots to check out Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy lipstick, Catfight glitter eyeliner, Flipside eyepencil - and NONE of it was there to my disappointment! I was soo looking forward to getting my hands on ti as well.. *sigh*. I did however see the cream shadows and the Pocket Rocket lipglosses, toooo funny! I picked up the legend that is UDPP in full size seeing as my sample size is only beginning to run low now (that's after 6 months!).

Then I saw this store called 'Beauty Base' (I think they had Milani cosmetics there btw) and picked up a clear base coat nail polish for 2.99. I was only attracted to this because of the diamante on it - sad I know :p I needed a new clear nail polish seeing as mine was close to running out and has gone all gloopy so perfect timing I guess!

Now back to our crazy adventure... You guys might want to stop reading now if I your losing your interest lol.. So once I paid for all my MAC goodies we decided to head to another MAC store, this time Harrods. So about an hour later we got there, but it wasn't that easy seeing as 3/4 tube lines were closed so we were running back and forth - and no they did not announce it any earlier! So with our hair all over the place, makeup looking a state (well in my case anyways!) we had finally arrived! My mate got everything she wanted minus the HK make-up bag and then we went back to Westfield.. Yeah, back, again! As mad as it seems it was fun and she seemed very happy so I was very pleased :)

So there's my haul & story haha! Hope you guys enjoyed reading,
Shortiee x


Dionne XD said...

do you know where i can get a mac palette?

Shortiee31 said...

Any MAC Pro store :) x

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