Sunday, 22 March 2009

LUSH Haul!

So while I was at Westfield I popped into LUSH in search for a new skincare regime! I have been using Dermalogica for about a year now and I felt a change was due - overdue even! Just so you know, I have a normal/oily, combination skin tone. I was served by Emma who gave me an insight into what products were suitable for me and all sorts, she was VERY helpful - thank-you Emma! :)
Here's what I picked up!..

LUSH's legendary cleanser/gentle exfoliator- Angels on Bare Skin. I am amazed at how much almond milk comes out of a pea size amount of AOBS when little water is added to it, brilliant stuff! Is it working for me? Early days. Shelf life of this product is 3 months - Not sure whether that's a good or bad thing.. Bad thing - Doesn't last long.. Good thing - Shows it's fresh for sure!

Tea Tree Water toner - Loveee this stuff! You can spray it straight onto your face or onto a cottonwool pad and swipe it all over your face - I prefer option 2 personally. I love using this mid-day as it keeps my face looking & feeling fresh! It's sooo cheap as its only £2.89 for the 100g. They also do another size - 250g for £6.12!

Imperialis moisturiser - Mmm, not sure about this because I am big on smells and this one really doesn't do it for me! I can't describe the smell but it has lavender oil as it's main ingredient so it could be that. I don't really know these things as I have get really bad hayfever so I just stay away from flowers and all that jazz :) Good points include the fact that it disappears into the skin with immediate effect and lasts all day long!

Now onto the body stuff! This is another one of LUSH's popular products.. Therapy massage bar! I have used this about 7/8 times now and around 40% of it has already disappeared! I don't know if I am really happy about that because it costs £4.84, but then again it sort of is considered a fancy moisturiser so can't complain I guess! This leaves your skin feeling super soft till your ready for your next shower tomorrow - amazing stuff! Bad points? It doesn't seep into the skin that easily.

LUSH's Rockstar soap - Smells like Vimto, too cool haha! Good points - The smell and the price! Bad points - Doesn't foam AT ALL! I like to use it as a hand soap for this reason.

And here is a pic of everything I got! All the stuff in column one are the samples. 2nd column at the bottom is Aqua Mirabilis body butter exfoliate. I haven't opened this one yet as I am still using my Cocoa Butter Body Scrub from The Body Shop, which I purchased like a year ago. I've nearly used it all up so I'm ready to test this out soon!

And that concludes this post! Hope you guys are having a good day.. Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there! x
Shortiee x

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ami said...

Hey there,
I think I will be trying the tea tree toner after seeing this post :)
I love a good lush haul! I've posted about my favourite lush products on my blog. As a newbie to blogging, I'd appreciate any and all feedback :)

Ami x

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