Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I Can Finally Wear Pink Eyeshadow!

So a few weeks ago me and my cousin gave each other a mini make-over and she attempted a pink look.. Pink?!.. It would never show up on me or would make me look washed out (or so that's what happened every time I tried a 'pinky' look)! She was using all sorts of drugstore products and at this point I was dead certain that it would all go wrong..
& boy was I wrong! Here is how the look came out:

Wow.. I know right.. A gorgeous shade of pink that actually showed up on me! Sorry about the lack of eyeliner - I forgot to take mine and my cousin left hers at work! So the weekend later I was off to Westfield (this is the 3rd post I have mentioned the wonder that is Westfield now!) and when I went to MAC, as you all know I purchased Post Haste! So on Friday I attempted to re-create a similar look (anything bright pink was my inspiration here :p)! Here's what I came up with:

I am ecstatic over how this turned out.. I can finally wear pink eyeshadow :) A bright pink at that.. :D

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day - sad as it may sound, this post cheered me up haha!
Shortiee x

1 comment:

Dionne XD said...

pretty i can't wear pink eyeshadow either but yours looks really nice

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