Monday, 2 February 2009

Old Nail Pics!

Look what I found - Wow, memories! I did this during the summer and was so proud I took a pic! This was well before I started blogging =] Stones are from Nailene Jewels & Gems Rhinestone Nail Art Kit *Click to enlarge image - as usual*

Now this pic I took on my phone when I got my nails done professionally for the first time.. (Christmas '07) I went for a simple approach and had a french manicure with a lil extra special touch =P I went back again about a month later and got the same thing done but then that was it for me. Why? Because, whatever they put or did to my nails really weakened it and it took a month or two and my nails were back to normal. Since then I decided I will stick to what I do.. Takes effort and time but least I have long health nails that way!

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