Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Talika Lipocils Experiment - 28 Days Later..

So about a week ago it was 28 days since I started my Talika Lipocils Experiment.. And I can't say it's been amazing! I saw a few changes.. on my bottom eyelashes! Little growth there but as for my top eyelashes, there was nothing amazing going on. My eyelashes still fall out every now and then so I can't say it's stopped falling out. So I am just going to show you the pics and then at the start of Feburary I will give you another update and let you know if I see any changes then!

Oh and btw many people have claimed to have seen changes within 3 weeks but Talika say 28days. I've seen changes but not amazing changes and therefore I am telling myself that my eyelash's cycle is pretty long!
Other than that I can tell you, when this stuff gets into my eye (which rarely happens) it does not iritate me at all - but that's just me, so please be careful.

Any questions about Talika?
Please, feel to ask! x

PS. Sorry about the dodgey lighting!

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