Sunday, 7 December 2008

So Happy!!!

Ahhh news flash you guys! =D..

I just downloaded Windows Movie Maker and seeing as I was taking a little break I decided to explore it! So I thought I'd mess around with a video I wasn't too proud off (The Golden Eye tutorial that went horribly wrong!) and I made a few changes to it! One of the major changes was to cut 3 minutes of rubbish footage out and also add some missing text to the end of the vid! Also added some cool fade out/in effects which I think are pretty cool anyways!
I am currently in the process of uploading it now, I am going to get rid of the other one haha..

I am going to finish off the rest of my work that I have to do and then tomorrow I think I will edit another one of my tutorials and try to make it a tad more interesting! If I have even more time than I expected then I will try and record a video!

Take care,
Shortiee x

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