Saturday, 20 December 2008

Mini Chapstick Haul

Chapstick.. Barely anyone says that over here in the UK! We call it lip balm.. Of course there is the brand 'Chapstick' itself but apart from that nah..

I went to Superdrug a while ago (got the receipt here and it was actually on the 04/12/2008..) Wow that really was a while ago! I wanted to try out Carmex - the one in the tube as it's hygienic and convenient! I also saw a lip balm called Softlips, I am sure I seen it before on TV but never realised it was available in the UK! I got French Vanilla..

Carmex - £2.49
Softlips, French Vanilla - £1.79

Carmex - It's very tingly and personally I wouldn't say it feels very moisturising on the lips, like Vaseline, haven't used it long enough to develop a proper opinion on it so I will stop here.
Softlips - Have been pretty much using this since the day I got it and I would say it is not as tingly as Carmex but definitely does tingle! I prefer lipbalms which don't have a tingly sensation to them personally. Has a nice Vanilla scent to it and it feels moisturising compared to Carmex but not as moisturising as Vaseline. Has to applied often which is a downside and can get a bit annoying.. One really good thing? It can pretty much fit anywhere because it's so slim.. even in a really small clutch/purse whatever!

Click to enlarge pis.. =]

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